Welcome to the Charms Website for Seven Lakes High School Choir

To login to the Charms website, follow the steps below:

  1. In the “Student Password:” box* type your student KISD ID number.
  2. Click “Enter“.
  3. *If you should happen to see “School Log-In:” rather than “Student Password:” enter “SevenLakesChoir” in the box.  (Note:  You must enter the uppercase letters as uppercase).  You may then follow the directions above to enter the “Charms” website.

View your student Menu Page:


  • School Calendar” to view the current Choir Calendar.
  • Student Info” to access Contact Information
  • Change Password” to choose a new login password.
  • Assigned Uniforms” to view choir uniform assignments.
  • Point System” to view Letter Jacket Point totals.
  • Handouts” to print copies of “Consent to Treat” form & “Authorization for Regular Extracurricular Travel” forms.
  • Student Forms” to see which forms your student has or has not turned in.
  • Finances” to see financial statements.

Please do not use the “Exit” button to leave this page as it will take you away from the Seven Lakes choir web site. Use the menu buttons on the top menu bar or your browser’s back button instead.
You will automatically be logged out when you leave the Charms website.