This page should answer many of the questions you have about choir at Seven Lakes.  If you can’t find your answer here, then please contact one of the directors or any of the Choir Booster Club board members.

What is Spartan Spectacular?

Spartan Spectacular is an event for all students at Seven Lakes.  It usually occurs about 1 week before school starts.  At Spartan Spectacular students receive their schedules, can walk to all of their classrooms, buy spirit wear, see what clubs and organizations are available, purchase snacks, etc.  Most of the school organizations will have information tables set up and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the organization.  There is also a pep rally immediately afterwards.  You definitely don’t want to miss Spartan Spectacular!

Parent volunteers will be needed for this event.

What are the different choirs at Seven Lakes and how is my student’s placement determined?

Just as there are different levels in other subject areas, it is also necessary to have different levels within the choir program. All choirs are equally important performing organizations.

The six choirs available at Seven Lakes are:

  • Sensations
  • Chorale
  • Cantiamo
  • The Statesmen
  • Bel Canto
  • Men’s Choir

For more information on each of the choirs and the placement guidelines see our Choir Placement page.

How does the All-State process work?

The All-State audition process for high school choir students leads ultimately to qualification in one of three All-State Choirs that perform at the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention: Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, and Mixed Choir.

Music for the All-State auditions will be made available for purchase during the summer months.  By early August, practice tracks will be available for students to download from the website or on CD which can be obtained from Mr. Carter.  Students may also choose to attend one of the many All-State Choir Camps that are offered during the summer at university campuses around the state of Texas.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive.  This competitive process begins in September with the District Auditions. At this audition (which includes 100’s of students) individual students perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each  voice part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians (usually around 40 students per voice part) advances from their District to compete against students from other Districts in the Region Auditions. These auditions are held on a Saturday and take most of the day.

The Region Auditions are identical to the District auditions except that there are fewer students and the music selected for the auditions is different. The highest-ranking voices judged at the Region Auditions (usually the top 15 on each voice part) will advance to the Pre-Area Auditions.  All students who are ranked in the top 40 in their voice part will perform in a Region Choir Concert.  These auditions are held on a Saturday and take most of the day.

Students who were selected to continue to the Pre-Area auditions will audition again, with different music than was used in the first two auditions and will also be judged on sight reading. The top 5 students on each voice part will advance to the Area auditions where they will compete against the other Areas in the state.  These auditions usually take place one evening after school and go until around 10PM.

The Area auditions also consist of selections of music as well as sight reading.  Students judged at the TMEA Area competitions qualify to perform in a TMEA All-State music group. These All-State students participate in three days of rehearsals directed by nationally recognized conductors during the annual state TMEA Clinic/Convention. Their performances before thousands of attendees bring this extraordinary event to a close.

Parent volunteers will be needed as chaperones for the District, Region and Pre-Area auditions.

What is the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest?

Each year, usually in the early Spring, students are required to participate in the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest. This competition is held on a Saturday and take most of the day.

Parent volunteers will be needed to chaperone this event. Students should dress in attire like they would wear to a nice event or church — no jeans or shorts.

The students will select (choir directors and voice teachers often help in the music selection process) a piece of music appropriate to their ability to learn and then perform in front of a judge. On the day of the contest, the student will sing in front of one judge and will be judged on a number of qualities (including tone, technique, interpretation and general effect). Rankings range from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest). Students receiving a 1 on a level 1 solo may choose to participate in the UIL Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest (TSSEC) at the end of the school year.

What is a Coffee House Concert?

Coffee House concerts are fundraisers that give selected choir students a chance to perform their favorite music either in small ensembles or as solo acts.  Coffee Houses are held in the ninth grade commons and admission is $5.00.  Students who perform in the coffee houses are chosen by audition a few weeks before the performance.

Coffee House concerts are not typical concerts.  They are much more relaxed and attendees are free to get up and move around during the concert.  The tables in the ninth grade commons are decorated with table clothes and centerpieces.  Parents donate baked goods which are available along with coffee, tea and water.  All snacks and beverages are free of charge, but a donation is suggested.

What is Holiday Extravaganza?

Holiday Extravaganza is a Fine Arts Department fundraiser that is usually held in early December.  It’s purpose is to raise money to help pay for the Fine Arts Department musical which is put on every other year.

Holiday Extravaganza is held at SLHS and it consists of a catered dinner, a silent auction and a concert which includes a symphony orchestra, band , orchestra and choir.  Each of the groups performs individually and they also perform a few numbers all together.  At the end of the night, the conductor’s baton is auctioned off and the lucky winner of the auction gets to “guest conduct” the final number.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for the catered dinner.  Many of the performing arts groups entertain during dinner in the SLHS main commons.  The silent auction is set up in the main rotunda and bids are accepted during dinner and for a short time afterwards.  After the silent auction closes the concert begins in the Performing Arts Center.  Silent auction winners are announced at the end of the concert.

Each department in the Fine Arts Department will be assigned a task to ensure that the event takes place.  Parent volunteers will be required to ensure that each department fulfills their requirements.  Holiday Extravaganza assignments rotate each year so that each group does not have the same assignment each year.  Assigned areas include: catering, silent auction baskets, ticket sales/finances, etc.

What is Singing Valentines?

Singing Valentines is one of the choir departments biggest fundraisers.  It is also one of the students favorite activities.  On Valentine’s Day or as close as possible, choir students go to various classrooms and sing a song to the recipient of the valentine.  Each valentine includes a song, a card and a single carnation.

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day students will be chosen by audition to perform their Valentine’s Day song.  The songs are typically popular songs about friendship, love, romance, etc.  During the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day parent volunteers sell the valentines during lunch periods.  Each valentine costs $5.00 and the student purchasing the valentine will choose the song they want to send, a card and write a message in it.  Then on Valentine’s Day, the choir student(s) who sing that song will go to the recipient’s classroom, deliver the card and flower and sing the song.

Parent volunteers will be needed to sell valentines, schedule delivery of valentines, coordinate delivery on Valentine’s Day.

What is UIL?

UIL Concert and Sight-reading contest is held each year during the Spring semester.  This is a choir competition rather than an individual competition.

Each choir will perform 3 pieces of music.  At least one of the pieces must be sung A cappella.  They will be judged by three judges and will receive a ranking based on their performance.  Following their concert, they will be taken to the sight-reading room, where they will be given a piece of music they have never seen before.  They will be 6 minutes to practice before they must perform it for the judges.  They will again be ranked based on their performance.

Parent chaperones will be required to accompany each choir.

What Volunteer opportunities are there?

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with choir at Seven Lakes.  For more information on getting involved please see our Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities page.

What does the Booster Club do and how do I sign up?

The Booster Club at Seven Lakes Choir is very active.  In addition to organizing many of the extra curricular events during the year, the Booster Club also works hard to provide extra funding for the choir.  For more information on Booster Club activities see our Booster Club General Information page.

We encourage all parents to join the Booster Club at the highest level you can afford.  For more information on pricing and to download the form see our Booster Club Membership page.

Where can I get character shoes?

There are many places where you can purchase character shoes.  One of the closest and most convenient places is on S. Mason Rd.

Costumes & Dancewear
515 S. Mason Rd.
Katy, TX 77450