The following students have advanced from the TMEA Region Auditions and have earned a place in the TMEA Pre-Area Choir auditions, held on November 29.  Congratulations and good luck in the next round of All-State Choir auditions! 


Erica Yanek, Chair 1

Katelyn Segarra, Chair 10

Claudia Brown, Chair 13

Soprano II:

Evelyn Morris, Chair 14

Alto I:

Isabella Schemidt, Chair 5

Catherine Marchelli, Chair 8

Alyssa Sunew, Chair 9

Vinisha Vasan, Chair 14

Alto II:

Katie Vo, Chair 11

Tenor I

Vineet Deo, Chair 9

Tenor II:

Anirudh Ajay, Chair 3

Matthew Morries, Chair 8

Owen Stenstadvolden, Chair 13

Bass I:

Benjamin Heintz, Chair 10

Brian Nguyen, Chair 14

Bass II:

Davis Liu, Chair 4

Carlo Gonzalez, Chair 7

James Stillwell, Chair 11

Luka Christiansen, Chair 14

Congratulations on the following students making the Region Treble Choir!

*Those who advanced to Pre-Area are also in the Region Mixed Choir


Zoe Crouch, Chair 22 - Treble 

Clara Lee, Chair 35 - Treble 

Induja Gautam, 39 - Treble

Soprano II:

Ella Selden, 28 - Treble 

Kathryn Melton, 29 - Treble

Mary Rumsey, 37 - Treble

Khyati Malik, 40 - Treble

Alto I:

Sofia Oshaben, Chair 21 - Treble

Alto II:

Kelly Wu, Chair 18 - Treble

Riley Walsh, Chair 20 - Treble

Kiara Moncada, Chair 22 - Treble

Peyton Makhlouf, Chair 25 - Treble

Ryan Jones