Instructor Safety Screening

Private Lesson Instructors (PLI) have completed all required paperwork and are approved to teach students in grades 6-12 on any Katy ISD campus.

This paperwork includes:

  • Instructor Private Lesson Application

  • Instructor Private Lesson Program Agreement

  • Criminal History Check

  • Fingerprinting

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Waiver


Eligible Students

Only Katy ISD students in grades 6-12 currently enrolled in their respective music organizations are eligible fro the Private Lessons Program.

Band (Band Instruments)

Choir (Vocal)

Orchestra (String Instruments)


Instruction Dates/Time

  • KISD Private Lesson Program starts Aug. 1 and runs through May 31.

  • Lessons may not begin until after school has been dismissed for the day.


  • STUDENT desiring private lessons instruction must complete a Student Application Enrollment Form. Forms will be sent home by campus directors to interested students.

  • Parent - Fill out all information carefully and legibly so that PLP instructor can contact you.

  • Student - Return form to Music Director

  • Student/Parent - will receive a copy of Student Application Enrollment Form with PL Instructor assigned as their instructor.

  • Private Lesson Instructor - will contact parents to decide on lesson schedule, payment love, contact information, and a possible 4 week deposit at first instructor/student meeting. See Instructor Fee Scale.


Scheduling Students

Music Directors will receive completed form from student, review information, and choose the best PLP instructor for student. The form will be forwarded to PLP Instructor. The PLP Instructor will contact parent and together decide upon a suitable schedule for instructor and student to begin lessons.

All lessons are monitored by a Katy ISD employee. Katy ISD provides a list of all approved instructors to all Katy ISD junior high and high school music directors.


The PLP Instructor will record attendance on tracking sheets for each day's lessons. Copies of the form are tuned in to campus music directors for signature and verification and then forwarded to the Fine Arts Office.


Student Lesson attendance is to be recorded according to the following criteria:

  • Present [P] - student is in attendance and receives a lesson from the PLP instructor and is charged according to beginning/ending lesson time.

  • Excused [E] - student is not in attendance but has provided instructor with 24 hour notice of absence, so that a make-up lesson may be scheduled, or will not be charged for the lesson if no make up can be scheduled.

  • Unexcused [U] - student is absent and has not notified the instructor 24 hours prior to lesson time. Student/parnet will be charged for an unexcused lesson. (PLP Instructor and parent/guardian are responsible for setting any disputes regarding unexcused absence.)


The PLP Instructor will collect a fee according to the teachers payment level per 30 minutes of instruction given [P] or unexcused lessons charged [U] from student/parent. Lesson fees may be collected at the beginning of each month at PLI's discretion. Excused absences can be rescheduled per arrangement between student/instructor. Monthly collection of fees is strictly a transaction conducted between PLP Instructor and student.